Hygienic Tools

Here we offer easy tools for germ-free living.

Every public door you open, every handle or ATM or gasoline keypad you touch has "a little something" left on it from the person who touched it before you. With these tools, contamination of viruses, bacteria, can be avoided.

Various scientific studies over the years have shown that door handles are one of the most common harborers for harmful bacteria, E.Coli, Staphylococcus, Aureas, Fungus, and Viruses. Public building entrance doors and public restrooms are found to be the worst place with the highest concentration of these germs do to the sheer number of people entering and exiting. Even after washing your hands in a public restroom you will still re-contaminate your hands the second you grab the door handle to exit the restroom. Public key pads such ATMS, elevator buttons etc, have also been shown to harbor these same strains of germs at or near the same levels you would find on a door handle or public restroom toilet seat. These areas are all hotspots for various harmful germs.

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